Statement on the quality assurance of FDL products
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Today, lighting is not only for lighting up a space, but for matching the decoration environment with best visual presentation, to achieve a high 

degree of integration with scene style, brand positioning!

And this is exactly the effort and struggle we have persisted in for ten years

                                                                       — FDL

In view of the fact that some competitors and their staff have maliciously interpreted and disseminated our commitment to product 

quality assurance, we are hereby making the following statement:


1. All products purchased from our company for jewelry lighting since November 1, 2018 will enjoy a three-year warranty.

2. All products purchased from our company for jewelry lighting before November 1, 2018 shall enjoy a two-year warranty as promised.

3. For quality assurance services, welcome to consult our customer service hotline: 075523730670


We will not forget our original intention, continue to provide our customers with high-quality products and strive to do a good job in after-sales 

service. We hereby give a serious warning to relevant units and personnel: please immediately stop spreading untrue statements like "no 

warranty commitment for FDL products" that infringe on our company"s goodwill. Our company will reserve the right to investigate the legal

 liability of relevant personnel, including but not limited to reporting to the competent administrative department, complaining, bringing civil 

litigation, and applying to the public security organ for criminal filing.


                                                                               Shenzhen Feideli Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

                                                                                    September 2, 2019       

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