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Today, lighting is not only for lighting up a space, but for matching the decoration environment with best visual presentation, to achieve a high 

degree of integration with scene style, brand positioning!

And this is exactly the effort and struggle we have persisted in for ten years

                                                                       — FDL

Application analysis

Subdivision definition of space applications

 Hanging Lintel Lighting

 Showcase Lighting

 Back Cabinet Lighting

 Window Lighting


  Environmental lighting Application

  Door head Lighting

 Aisle Lighting

 Office Lighting

 Resting Lighting    


 Decorative Lighting Applications

 Landscape Lighting

 Groove Lighting

 Background Lighting

Scene Definition Analysis

Lighting is not just for lighting up a space, especially in the field of jewelry lighting.

So we make the scene definition analysis from CCT、Beam angleIlluminationCRILight control index etc to

achieve a high degree of integration for visual presentation, scene style and brand positioning

Lighting control design

Comparison of different beam angles at the same color temperature 

Comparison of different color temperatures at the same beam angle

Application matching analysis

Realize the overall integration with the scene design

Professional customized lighting solutions for jewelry



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