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Today, lighting is not only for lighting up a space, but for matching the decoration environment with best visual presentation, to achieve a high 

degree of integration with scene style, brand positioning!

And this is exactly the effort and struggle we have persisted in for ten years

                                                                                                              — FDL

  • R&D center 

The total number of R&D personnel is 55

Accounted for 20% of the whole company

This is rare in the entire jewelry lighting industry.

 precision equipments

Core Technology

The sensory visual experience of jewelry depends on

1. Its own chemical composition or craft structure

2. Focusing positioning of light atmosphere

Lighting control design

Single/double anti-glare design

Application of light source device 

In the field of LED light source devices

Whether it is a single COB application selection

Or multiple configurations of lamp beads

We have made deep development and application verification for different visual experiences.

Application matching analysis

Realize the overall integration with the scene design

Scene Definition Analysis

Lighting is not just for lighting up a space, especially in the field of jewelry lighting.


So we make the scene definition analysis from CCT、Beam angleIlluminationCRILight control index etc to achieve a high 

degree of integration for visual presentation, scene style and brand positioning

Subdivision experience of application 

Recessed light series    Point focus | Surface focus


Track light series      Track type  |  Surface mounted type


Linear light series     Rigid strip   |   Soft strip   |  Hetero type


Pole light series      Point shape type    |   Linear type 



In 2013, FDL was selected as one of the “National High-Tech Enterprises” in the jewelry lighting industry

FDL has won the title of “CCTV Annual Publicity Brand”. It was broadcasted in CCTV1, CCTV2, CCTV3 and CCTV7 during the prime time

and also won the "Enterprise Credit Rating AAA Credit Enterprise" qualification!

In the same year, we were successively awarded:

"Chinese famous brand "

"National integrity enterprise"


"National Science and technology innovation demonstration unit"

Starting a second decade together!

Entering • FDL---Applications,  to be continued...

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