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Today, lighting is not only for lighting up a space, but for matching the decoration environment with best visual presentation, to achieve a high 

degree of integration with scene style, brand positioning!

And this is exactly the effort and struggle we have persisted in for ten years

                                                                       — FDL

  • Company NameShenzhen Feideli Lighting Technology Co., Ltd
  • Headquarter AddressShenzhen, China
  • Register Capital10 million RMB
  •  Enterprise Scale 10, 000
  • Employees 300
  • R&D Team 55
  •  Market positioning: Focusing on customized solutions of high-end jewelry lighting

  Recessed light series

>.  Point focus | single match type

>.  Point focus | Multiple matchs type

>.  Surface focus | ceiling type

>.  Surface focus | Grille type


 Track light series

>.  track type

>.  surface mounted type


  Linear light series

>. rigid strip  

>. soft strip  

>. hetero type


 Pole light series

>. Point shape type

>. Linear type 

Subdivision application of jewelry lighting:

Diamond, Gold, Jade, pearl 

Application display


Refined experience of scene and applications.

Starting a second decade together!

Entering • FDL--- R&D,  to be continued... 

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